Introducing SKIN COMPOST ...

Eco by Sonia Driver's new 3 Step Skincare System is an "Organic Superpower for your Face" and suitable for all skin types!

Certified Organic & Natural  *  Cruelty Free & Vegan  *  Australian Made



A 3 Step Skincare System for your healthiest skin yet!

An extraordinary super blend of certified organic Aloe, Lemongrass and Caviar Lime, the AHA's in this gel cleanser ensure a smoother, more even complexion without harshness.

Acai, Coconut and Magnesium Salts are combined to deeply exfoliate the skin whilst providing powerful antioxidants to leave your skin fresh and astonishingly smooth. 

Pure Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Water and Wild Harvest Plum deliver intense hydration with a lightweight feel for dynamic results. 

Save $10 on Skin Compost Packs - only $94.95

Add Glory Oil 30ml ($49.95) and Face Compost Mask 100ml ($39.95) for optimal results!

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Eastern Equilibrium...

Using the slow repetitive stimulation of acupressure points, this 60 minute treatment helps release physical tension, calm the mind and restore the body's natural energy flow.

Take home your FREE Soy Candle (valued at $14.95)


Vision Board Workshop

Create your own VISION BOARD and start creating the life YOU choose! 

A VISION BOARD is like a map you create to guide your life where you want it to go. Whatever you think about, talk about and focus on the most is what will appear in your life. We are always thinking and therefore creating, but very often about exactly what we DON"T want!

A Vision Board is a powerful tool that keeps you clear, focussed and inspired to take positive steps towards what you truly want to bring into your life. 

This is not a cognitive exercise! It's an exercise in trust, allowing and self-empowerment. And it's lots of fun!!

*  Tuesday 21st August 
*  BE WELL @ 25 Thomas St, Milton 
*  9.30am - 12noon 
*  $40 Includes all materials and a healthy morning tea!

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