Winter has well and truly set in and many of us are feeling it's effects:  

  • Coughs, colds and flu that leave us with a depleted immune system and low energy
  • Dull, dry skin from cold winds, high heating and layers of clothing
  • Accumulated toxins from comfort eating, drinking less water and artificially heated environments


To see your way through to the end of Winter feeling WELL and AT YOUR BEST, try the following:

SOAK ... in a Magnesium-rich bath for at least 15-20 minutes, one or more times weekly!

Ease muscular aches and pains and enjoy deeper sleep with Amazing Oils Magnesium Flakes featuring Magnesium Chloride, natures smallest form of Magnesium (so you get the highest absorption!) Choose from the Natural range in 200gm $9.95, 800gm $25.95 and 2kg $49.95, or the Relief range with added Menthol and Wintergreen for added anti-inflammatory benefits (2kg $39.95).
Or rest, relax and restore with OrganicSpa's Soak Therapy (280gm $39.95). This blend of rose & hibiscus petals and pure essential oils will not only enchant your senses but also tone your skin imperfections. Added Pink Kaolin Clay and Pink Himalayan Salts soften, smooth and detoxify your skin, making a truly therapeutic Aromatherapy bath. 

SIP ... OrganicSpa's delicious Detox and Glow Tea daily!

This soothing, detoxifying blend combines Peppermint & Rosehip with Elderflower to help boost immunity, calm the stomach and soothe the digestive tract. With refreshing Lemon Myrtle and Hibiscus flavours providing antioxidant and cleansing properties, this tea will help restore balance to the body and support a healthy skin glow. Box of 15 organza bags $21.95. Available to sample at your August treatment!

SCRUB ... away dull, dry winter skin to refresh and rejuvenate both Face and Body, and improve the absorption of your moisturiser!

Try OrganicSpa's Face Exfoliant (75gm $39.95) to gently smooth and polish sensitive skin, or Eco by Sonya's Super Acai Exfoliator (100ml $34.95) for an intense facial scrub for all skin types.
You'll feel invigorated and revitalised after treating yourself with OrganicSpa's Body Salt Scrub (250gm $42.95) with it's unique blend of fine sea salt, macadamia seeds, coffee, jojoba and olive fruit!
You'll also love the intense exfoliation and rich hydration of Eco by Sonya's Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub ($250gm $34.95) with organic Coconut, lemongrass, peppermint and grapefruit.

SAMPLE ... these Winter Wellness treats when you book any full-priced Massage or Facial in August!*

Winter BE WELL Sample Bags contain:

* Amazing Oils Natural Magnesium Bath Flakes
* Amazing Oils Natural Spray sachet
* OrganicSpa Face Exfoliant 
* OrganicSpa Cleanser (to suit your skin type)
* OrganicSpa Facial Moisturiser (to suit your skin type)
* OrganicSpa Organic Muslin Face Cloth
* OrganicSpa Detox and Glow Tea Bag
... all in a reusable organic muslin bag!

Valued at $19.95
Available to purchase for $12.95
or yours FREE with any full-priced Massage or Facial Treatment in August!*
* Limit one per customer


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